Wedding Q&A: How Can I Entertain Children at My Wedding?

If you decide to invite children to your wedding have a game plan in place to ensure they are well attended to and engaged.  Here are a few ideas:

Activity Bags for Younger Kids

Coloring and Activity books, crayons, Wikki Sticks, are just a few ideas.  Maybe create a personalized activity book?  You can download some great ideas on Pinterest.

Photo "Scavenger Hunt" for Older Kids

For older kids or young teens, a cell phone photo "Scavenger Hunt" is a great idea.   If the kids are too young for Instagram, have them take the pictures and upload to their parents account with the couples wedding #hashtag. 

Offer Babysitting

This will be an added expense but might be worth it if you want to keep the kids entertained.   Kiddie Keeper's 4 Events is a service that offers childcare for events.  Make sure your venue has a separate area to corral the kiddos.  


During the reception you could also have yard games for the kids (adults enjoy them too!).  When it is time for the meal you can also seat them in a separate area with activities to keep them entertained or all together so they have more fun.   A creative kid's meal also makes them feel special.

Once the dancing starts, it's a good chance the kids will have the most fun at the party!

Meislin Awesome Shot Kids Dancing