Do's and Dont's of Proposing During the Holidays

The holiday season has come and love is in the air. Statistically, those in dedicated relationships are proven to propose to their soon-to-be spouses at a much higher rate in the time between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Now when it comes to proposing, there are some tips tricks you will want to use, and of course, those we suggest avoiding AT ALL  COSTS.


The DO’s and DONT’s of proposing during the holidays

  1. DON’T wait until the holiday. High pressure environments such as large
    parties and holiday gatherings are not the place to pop the question. With too many people and set of eyes looking at your potential spouse in this moment, too much expectation is placed on your partner. Not to dismay your heart, but they may say no (If this happens- you will want to run away and hide. Make sure you can do that in private).
  2. DON’T propose whenever you buy the ring. The holidays and gifts are fun
    because of the surprise, and everyone wants to be surprised by their marriage proposal. Make it special, create a plan to propose romantically, and then you can give them the ring
  3. DON’T make it too cheesy. Nobody wants to get a wedding ring on Santa’s
    lap, sitting with an inflatable snowman, or riding on a horse-drawn carriage ride. Romantic, you may think, but overdone, and considerably cheesy.
  4. DO pick a day and make a plan. Decide how and when to propose to your
    spouse. Plan to create a genuine moment that will instill a heart-warming memory. Have plans for the rest of the day after the “big moment” to ensure that the entire memory wins a prize as best in store in both you and your spouse’s memory banks.
  5. DO use the atmosphere to your adventure. Wintertime and snow are beautiful
    things. Don’t over-do it, but look for a place where you can truly create a beautiful memory. Attention to the details will pay off big-time .
  6. DO talk to their family, and friends. Make sure that everyone is on board
    and supportive of your decision (especially parents!) and ask for help where you need it. A spouse’s best friend, mother, or sibling may often be a very useful tool in finding the perfect way to propose to your partner.

With Thanksgiving past and more winter holidays coming quickly our way, it is time to get your proposal plan set in motion. Make sure to take a pause, step back, and make sure read our special holiday list of proposal to-do’s and not-do’s, during the holiday season.


by guest blogger Naomi Shaw as seen on and