Must Ask Questions for Venue Tours


You have searched The Knot, Wedding Wire and Here Comes the Guide looking for your perfect venue.  Feeling overwhelmed, you have narrowed down your choices and are ready to schedule tours. You are hopeful the venues will be as beautiful in person as they look in the pictures.

Aside from having your date available, what are the most important questions you should ask when you are looking for a wedding venue?

We have put together a list of “Must Ask” Questions for your venue tours. Below are our top five but you can download this comprehensive printable checklist to take on your venue tours.

Download Venue  Tour Checklist

What services does the venue offer?
The biggest expense you will have is the catering and beverage service. Some venues offer these services in-house while others work with preferred caterers. Once you select your venue, you may also then have to select a caterer. If your venue is BYOB then that’s a big item you will be responsible for. Know in advance what the venue handles and what other services you will be responsible to find on your own.

What is the back-up plan for rain?
Everyone dreams of a garden wedding and while no one wants rain on their wedding day you are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Know the venue’s back-up plan in case of inclement weather and how the staff will handle it. If you will have a “room flip” where will your guests go during cocktail hour and how long will it take to re-set the room?

How much seating is available?
This is such an important question but there is often no straightforward answer. The Dining Style you are looking for may determine the number of seats you can have. Since you are just getting started you may not know have a specific style of meal service in mind. If you don’t, it is important to know the capacities for each option so you know what choices you have.

What is included with the venue fee?
Most venues have a rental fee. You may just be renting the space for a specific amount of time or the fee may include use of certain items like tables, chairs or linens. Each venue is different and little costs can add up if some basic necessities are not included.

Who will we work with if we book?
This questions is key. Make sure you feel comfortable with who will be handling your wedding. Will you work with someone to plan the wedding and have a different contact the day of? Continuity between planning and the wedding day is extremely important and can give you the extra sense of confidence everything will go as planned.