Our Favorite Flowers for Fall Weddings

If you’ve long envisioned being wedded atop a bed of freshly fallen leaves or surrounded by trees of fiery red and orange, you know that fall is the ideal season for your wedding. During the fall, it will be cool enough to keep everyone in your party comfortable, and you can have fun incorporating traditional fall themes into your flora.




With its unforgettable name and tempting, colorful blossoms, the snapdragon is a wonderful and unexpected surprise to include in your wedding. Many brides enjoy the vibrancy of a blooming snapdragon, and others prefer the subdued buds—either way, snapdragon can add a “snap” of elegance to any bouquet. A symbol of graciousness and strength, the snapdragon is a bride’s defining companion.




Although Kate Middleton isn’t Southern, she’s got undeniably gorgeous taste, so you know that you can trust her choice of including a touch of hyacinth in her royal wedding bouquet. As a symbol of constancy and playfulness, the hyacinth can represent what many couples look for in marriage: stability and laughter.

Hyacinth beans are edible, although they can take a lot of patience to work with. Although they present a challenge, hyacinth beans are a worthwhile addition to your wedding day dish, especially if you are considering including curry in your menu.


Casablanca Lily

Casablanca Lily flower

The lily has long been a garden favorite; with its variety of soft and deep hues, both shy and daring petals, and beautiful green leaves, it’s a flower that’s hard not to adore. Casablanca lilies are a symbol of celebration, and what celebration is greater than that of your vow of eternal and faithful love? Luckily, Casablanca lilies are flowers that can wear many hats—not only are they insanely beautiful in bouquets, but they can also be used to garnish anything from cakes to drinks to lapels.


Additionally, if you’re looking for seasonal Southern flora and fauna to accompany your fall blossoms, consider cotton bolls, berry branches, curly willow, fig branches, gourds, and pumpkins.