Set the Date in Writing


For many, there is not a time that existed that didn’t have social media. But, I’m here to tell you, kids, that a long time ago in a land far away, there was a world and life that didn’t have instant messaging. It’s called the past.


Okay, all kidding aside, in today’s world, it’s very common to send out a message via social media to all your friends and family about an upcoming event.  But is that the way you want to announce your upcoming nuptials? There is nothing wrong with doing so, and many young couples today send out “evites” and such as a way of informing friends and family that a great event is occurring.  But, I’m here to tell you that there is a better way.


Custom invitations! And Katy at ASIP INK is just one of the many great vendor partners of the Payne-Corley House that provides such a service. Having an invitation that is created just for you, to express your personality and uniqueness is just the way to set the tone for what will be your most special day. Katy can create custom monograms that you can then use throughout your whole married life. Maybe even create stationary that you can then later use to “Handwrite” your thank you notes on!




The other thing custom invitations do is prepare your guest for the theme of your event. Picture, it! Your beautifully created save the date card arrives in the mail and hints at this great event to come; This is the first glimpse of what guests might expect from the big event itself.  Next, comes the invitation, that is beautifully laid out with inserts that include maps, and agenda for the weekend, and maybe a site seeing list for those out of town guests. All set in your custom theme and setting the tone for your blessed day.  Take the time and plan your special day by starting with your custom stationery from ASIP INK.