Take a Moment to Enjoy the Moment


If the modern world has shown us anything, it’s that tradition has become very flexible. What used to be an absolute standard has become one of many possibilities. There are few standards now when it comes to weddings. Classic weddings still happen in big, beautiful churches followed by a reception at an equally beautiful event space. But many new trends have reshaped the tradition, and one new one involves an early ceremony followed by a lunch with just the family, before a reception later on. It may sound crazy, but we think it may be just what your wedding needs.


Recently at the Payne-Corley House, we had a bride and groom that did just that. They had a beautiful ceremony at their church and then came to The Payne-Corley House with just their family for a lovely and low-stress lunch that lasted about one and half hours. Pictures were taken, and lunch was enjoyed in a low key, and less frenetic manner than other weddings do.




They were then joined by their entire wedding party for more pictures with the reception following just an hour behind that; this made for a delightful and enjoyable day for the bride and groom. Which is not always the case right? For many brides and grooms you start your day rushing to the church or temple, then you rush to get your photos taken, while your guest mill around at the reception venue waiting on your arrival from taking pictures. If you have the time to stop and smell the bouquet on your wedding day, it can be so much more enjoyable for you. The day does not have to be one big whirlwind of activity from beginning to end.


It was truly delightful to us at the Payne-Corley House to accommodate the family with a relaxing lunch and a spectacular reception that followed with lots of music and dancing.