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This was one of my favorite weddings ever!  Cynthia and Justin enjoyed every minute and laughed endlessly while planning the details for their wedding day.  It takes a special couple to be married on Halloween and Cynthia and Justin fully embraced it.   Some of my favorite moments were the "candy kids" running down the aisle, throwing candy (in lieu of flowers of course) to "The Adams Family."  Cynthia's maid of honor Amanda handled all the decor and crafted the most beautiful paper flowers for the bouquets.   The detail was unbelievable!   Cynthia and Justin judged the costume contest (sorry we can't show you the winner, it was X rated).   I also loved the cake "knife".  The staff was excited because we dressed up too.

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With cooler temperatures the past few days, I started thinking about how much I love fall weddings!   I immediately thought about Anna and Mike Rock's wedding last November and wanted to share it with you.

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