You're Engaged! Professional Tips on What to do Next.

Did you pick out the ring together or was it a complete surprise?  Either way, CONGRATULATIONS!  You're Engaged! 

Have you have been dreaming about your wedding ever since you were a little girl or does the thought of all the planning and decisions that lie ahead send you into complete panic mode?

As a professional wedding planner for more than 20 years, I promise, I have seen it all.  Brides who know exactly what they want and brides who are clueless;  Mothers of the Bride who are planning the dream wedding they never had and Father's of the Bride who want to control every penny spent.

MY ADVICE: Slow down!  Resist the urge to rush out and buy every bridal magazine at Barns and Noble just yet.  Take a deep breath and start with these two questions:

How many guests will you invite?

You can't do anything until you have a realistic guest count. Make sure to ask the groom's family for their list. If you have blended families this could get complicated. Be up front with everyone. Let them know that you are just getting started and there may be a chance  everyone will have to make cuts. This part can be very stressful, but it must be done!

 What is your budget?

Creating your budget will likely take some time. Your wedding budget may be a team effort. Parents (perhaps both sides) will come to the table with what they can contribute. You and your fiance may want to contribute as well or may pay for everything.   How much does a wedding cost? Our blog post on Creating a Wedding Budget gives you a breakdown on average costs for professional wedding services in the Greater Atlanta Area and is a great place to start.

Still overwhelmed?

Sometimes you just need to talk. I get it. I would love to offer an hour of my time to get you started. The Payne-Corley House is an amazing venue, and of course we would love to host your wedding here with us. 

But even if the the Payne-Corley House is not a good fit for you I would still love to help in anyway I can.  More than anything, I believe in marriage and think these months of preparation should be a special time   Please find a time on my calendar to meet and I will share any advice, tips and answer questions to get you started as you begin this exciting chapter of your life!

Book Your  Complimentary Consultation

Just have a quick question?  Feel free to email me:   I look forward to hearing from you!  (Please allow up to 48 hours for a response).


Krista Ganley has been an event professional for more than 20 years.  She has literally coordinated thousands of weddings!  Krista began her career with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company where she worked at The Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta (Downtown), Buckhead and New Orleans hotels.  She has planned charity galas and celebrity parties but developed a special love for weddings. 

Since 2004 she and her husband have managed and owned the Payne-Corley House in Duluth, Georgia.   

photo credit:  Cooper & Co. Photography